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Welcome to our new website.

Haigner manufactures loudspeakers and room acoustic products.
Some of the speakers are featured in the main menu, others – like the Rho and custom designs – within this blog.

Room acoustic products are custom order only, based on individual requirements. In case of interest, please send us an email. Nevertheless, we intend to present some installations here.

Besides the pictures on the loudspeaker pages, you can find their specs within the pdf files. More data will be added step by step, including measurements that underline our work: Optimizing speaker systems within the frequency AND time domain.

According to a loose statistic we delivered our 1000th pair of speakers during 2019 – time to say „Thank You!“ to all our customers!

And also to those who helped to create this website:
Birgit, Heather, Helmut, Regine and Thomas.

With warm regards

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Alexander S · 14. März 2020 um 17:07

Since I have the Gammas in my music room I stopped admiring all of those fancy speaker designs shown in the audio magazines and displayed at the audio shows. Musikverein and at the next moment Porgy & Bess or the Village and still in the same 20 sqm room …

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