Gammahorn users write about their experience at "":
Norbert Wokusch ("The Audioeagle") and Alexander

2011-02-03: A lovely note about my work on German amplifier guru Thomas Mayer's Blog:
Thank you Thomas! Your amps help to enjoy my work and are my bechmark in terms of homogenity, bass and lower midrange transparency combined with very clean and easy sounding highs. Flow describes their sound indeed very well!

Used gear

Some customers' trade-ins tempt me to test them in my lab - and sell them again afterwards. Occasionally I list that gear below - in case of interest please don't hesitate to send me an email (d.haigner "at"

Sorry, no used gear at this time.


The website of a friend and customer who continuously reports on his most exciting listening impressions:

Thomas Mayer's Blog, whose amplifiers (Preamp, 45, 2A3 & 300B) provide more fun at work since quite a while:

Whenever I am looking for a set of reliable loudspeaker measurements, I start here; the quality and constancy of John Atkinson's work are benchmark-setting. A lot of information is available on the website for free - but the abo is highly recommended: