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DI David Haigner, Erlaaer Strasse 76 / 5, 1230 Vienna, Austria _ Acoustical measurements, electroacoustics and loudspeaker design

Curriculum vitae


Consultancy (acoustics and electroacoustics) and loudspeaker design (development of more than 350 speaker systems since 1980) for Achhorner, arena wien, as_architecture, Audio Project, AVL Graz, Bene, BWE, Caramel, Delugan_Meissl, DI Prause, DSP Architekten, Eichinger oder Knechtl, Froetscher Lichtenwagner, Haller und Katherl, katapult, Klangforum Wien, lichtblau.wagner, Lovely Rita, Neudörfler, ÖBB, Pfarre Oberbaumgarten, pla.net architects, Pool, propeller Z, Puls city tv, SEW Sabrsul, Sound Production, Tanzhotel, Theatergruppe Homunculus, The Source, Vienna Christian Center, Werkraum, Zoom etc.

Measurement and Simulation

Mostly with AudioToolbox, Laud, LMS, Praxis, AJHorn, LEAP, Sound Easy and various self-programmed tools.


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